About Systems Design Company

Systems Design Company is a superior custom home automation and integration firm.

We specialize in adding a touch of luxury to your life by designing, installing and programming control systems that enhance and streamline how you enjoy your time in your home with family and friends.

Established here in the Hamptons in 2001, our focus was security, lighting control and voice/data systems. To meet the growing demand for a firm capable of offering complete home technology services under one roof we quickly added automation and theater design.

Today, Systems Design Company is the only Hamptons-based business qualified to offer full design and installation services for all of your comfort, convenience and enjoyment needs.

Yet we recognize that being the only choice for all of your home automation needs isn’t enough. Our mission is to continue to be the very best and most capable company for all of your technological needs.

Mission Statement

We will continue to be the best company to design and install all of the technologies we offer. We will build our business through a tireless effort to exceed our customers’ expectations. It is only through our customers' confidence in our collective abilities that we will succeed. We will listen to our customers’ needs and ensure the technologies we provide meet their specific requirements.

We will ensure that every system we design and install exceeds any and all representations of that system's functionality and performance at the time of the sale. We will provide an unparalleled level of support and service to our customer's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will maintain the highest level of professional training for all employees to ensure we are ahead of the ever moving technology curve. We will look for every opportunity to make each customer's experience with us and the technologies we install an exceptional one.

We will find every way possible to ensure our customers find comfort, convenience, enjoyment and peace of mind through their interactions with us and the systems we design and install.