Meridian Sound Controller Multi-Room Distribution-Silver-G68

Meridian Sound Controller Multi-Room Distribution-Silver-G68
Meridian Sound Controller Multi-Room Distribution-Silver with smart source and apodising filter


The G68 is a highly specified, exquisitely engineered Meridian Surround Controller, featuring an elegant cabinet design in black or sleek silver. It brings a host of features including extensive connectivity. The most comprehensive Surround Controller in the G Series range, at the heart of the G68 beats a powerful DSP engine capable of delivering an incredible 900 million instructions per second. Inputs include Meridian SmartLink for multi-channel connection to one of our advanced DVD players and the HD621 3D-capable audio processor, plus a USB input enabling simple connection to a PC. The unit is also capable of managing additional sources in two additional rooms, and includes Meridian’s outstanding Room Correction software, helping optimize sound performance whatever the environment. 
Smart Source 
  • Music, movies and other sources each need their own settings to play correctly. Usually you have to select the right settings yourself. A Meridian system, however, analyses the incoming content and automatically selects the correct group of settings – we call them presets – for the source. You just sit back and enjoy the experience.
Meridian Room Correction
  • Room shape, size, furnishing and loudspeaker positions all influence the sound of any system. The result is often uneven sound - low frequencies are too loud in some places and too quiet in others. Meridian's Room Correction system uses powerful DSP to smooth out uneven room resonances for clearer sound and better imaging.
Meridian Apodising Filter 
  • Filters are critical in digital audio. Commonly they introduce distortion and harshness because of "pre-ringing". Early digital recordings suffer from harshness too, due to primitive filters. After painstaking research, Meridian developed a special filter that avoids pre-ringing, so it can be steeper, cleaning up the effects of early filters. The result: a better, cleaner sound from recordings old and new.
Triple Fifo Buffering
  • Each sample of a digital recording must remain evenly spaced in time. Unfortunately, timing can vary, especially when reading discs. This is “jitter”, degrading music's sense of space and diminishing realism. Meridian's multiple “First In, First Out” buffering system minimizes jitters, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity. You enjoy a clearer feeling of the instruments and their interrelationship.


Auxiliary Input2
Shipping Weight22 lbs.
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