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How Voice Control Can Play a Role in Your Home

by May Fitzgerald

How Voice Control Can Play a Role in Your Home

The adage goes that the pen is mightier than the sword, but do you know what’s more powerful than both put together, blended, and served on the rocks? Your voice.

It’s true. Can you control your entire house with a pen? Nope. A sword isn’t going to help you unlock your door or turn on your stereo system from the other side of the house, either. It might be good for opening giant letters as a giant letter opener, but that’s about it when it comes to household tasks.

But, with the advent of Alexa -- and its integration with your high-end home automation systems -- voice control is the wave of the future. We want to be your instructor and help you get comfortable on a surfboard so you can ride that wave all by yourself.

So, grab your sun tan lotion, your board shorts, and let’s head to the beach … of voice control. Voice control. This blog is going to teach you about voice control. Surf’s up!

Echoes Of Elan

If you already have an Elan system in your home – or even if you are still deciding which smart home system to install – you probably didn’t know that the Elan 8 software supports voice control.

Yup. Not only that, it was also awarded the Human Interface of the Year at CES 2017 by the Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Aware Program Committee – so you know that it’s the real deal. The award recognizes the product that best combines ergonomics and technology to make its interface easier to use.

How does it work with voice control, though? Elan works with Alexa, and since it can be integrated with your whole home, you really can control most things all with a simple voice command. Even your home TV sets!

In fact, with Elan and Alexa, you can have a total of 64 different on and off inputs around your home. That’s a lot of power just from talking. For more info on how Alexa and Elan systems work together, check out some of the nitty-gritty tech details right here.

Chatting with Crestron

How Voice Control Can Play a Role in Your Home

Elan isn’t the only company in the voice-controlled-home game. Crestron is also integrated with Alexa and through their system, you can use Alexa to control your home’s lights, thermostat, shades, media, and other presets.

Maybe you get chilly at night, but don’t want to get out from under your blanket to adjust the thermostat? Boom. Voice control that baby. Decided to sleep in, but the sun is streaming through the open blinds and right into your face? “Hey Alexa, shut those blinds.” Without leaving your bed – or your blanket – you’ll have the power of Alexa and Crestron right at the literal tip of your tongue. If you want to check if your Crestron set is compatible, the details are over on Crestron’s site.

And if your current Crestron set isn’t compatible, it might be time for an upgrade. Give us a call today, and we’ll help get you on the path of the Way of the Voice. Welcome to the future. We’ll happily help you get here.